Chaudhary Welfare Society

Our school is called Chaudhary Charity School. Agran Koululaiset ry is responsible for getting sponsors and fundraising for our Indian associate, Chaudhary Welfare Society. The society organizes and maintains schoolwork in Agra.


From refugees to benefactor


The founder of Chaudhary Charity School, Balbir Singh, says that charity starts at home. "When I was a schoolkid, my father used to support kids who wanted to study. He highly appreciated success at school and willingness to learn. Our family became refugees in 1947 when India and Pakistan parted ways. Financially it was a disaster. When I was wondering why my father was giving money to others despite our own difficult situation, he explained that if his actions have a good effect on the kids, he would know he did the right thing. I hope that we can carry on his life's work by educating poor children."


Why educating girls?


Chaudhary Welfare Society thinks that education is everybody's, also girls', fundamental right. It's the base for all their operations.


Indian women are still more illiterate than men. They are forced to live in extreme poverty. Little girls are made to work instead of going to school, so their families would get money and food, even though education could change the course of their lives.


How was the Chaudhary Charity School founded?


Several of our association's activists have visited India, and seen how much poor kids need love, respect and support. As a result of these trips we decided to found a school for poor and people in need.


Look into the future


The members of Chaudhary Welfare Society have a good relationship with the board members of Agran Koululaiset ry. Balbir Singh and our associations' chairwomen Pirkko Hellstén have known each other since 1980. Members of the Chaudhary Welfare Society are wishing for a long co-operation with Agran Koululaiset ry. 


We want to increase Indian girls' literacy and education level. Education gives the child an amazing opportunity to increase the value of their lives and standard of living.