Dalit girl’s way to a safe future

The people outside the caste call themselves Dalites. The Dalit girls of Agra live in shacks, often in unbearable conditions without electricity or even drinking water. Children are sleeping on filthy floors and nobody takes care of their hygiene and health. They can't go to school, because their parents make even small children work to provide for the family.


Despite motivation and talent, it's almost impossible to a Dalit girl to learn how to read. Our goal is huge, but still simple: We especially want to help the girls who have been living in extreme poverty and faced abuse and traumatic situations.





Educating girls will help to reduce the gap between poor and rich children. Getting in to school is not only important to the child, but also to the whole Indian society. We want to give the Dalit girls of Agra a chance to change the world in their own part. Education is insurance for a future. It teaches creativity and gives self-courage.


With education and through learning, every girl will find out about their right to live a humane life. Educated girls have a possibility to find humane work without a complete dependency of a husband and men of the family. Education lights up the life of a girl, but also the life of the whole family.