Our main goal is to provide Dalit girls with education, food, healthcare and clothes.


Paying sponsor fees eases the burden of poverty. You can become a sponsor by paying 25€ monthly, 150€ twice a year or 300€ once a year. After paying, the member automatically takes part in providing support for healthy growth and education for the poor girls.


Sponsors get to choose the child they want to sponsor, or become a group sponsor for the students. Group sponsors can be school classes, sport teams and companies. The idea behind group sponsors is that all the kids in the school are equal; and there is no need to choose. Many people have already become group sponsors.



Our association encourages parents to send their daughters to our school. Parents get advice and supported to be a part of their kids education and to benefit from the possibilities that the child can be offered.


In practice the schooling is organized by our Indian associate, Chaudhary Welfare Society, who shares our principles. Members of Chaudhary Welfare Society have been doing charity work in their area in Agra for almost 30 years. Chairwoman on Agran Koululaiset, Pirkko Hellstén, knows this history and associate personally from the year 1980.


Our school is called Chaudhary Charity School. Two female teacher and a cook/cleaner work in the school. 


Agran Koululaiset ry takes care of the schools' needs and offers their expertise on running the school.


The base of our operation is communication and transparency. The association sends newsletters to members and sponsors. Project leader gives report yearly on how the school is functioning.


When the kids we are sponsoring learn how to read, they will write letters to their sponsors, where they tell about their lives.


Sponsors keep in contact with each other as well by organizing meetings and taking part in rummage sales and festivals.

Members of our board do unpaid volunteer work. We try to save money on all things where it's possible and reasonable. We prefer virtual meetings, so we can save on time and travelling expenses.


On purchases we prefer local entrepreneurs in Agra, India.


Read more about our association’s finances HERE.


Our association's board would also like to hear your ideas on developing our activity:

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