Board of Directors

The founders of Agran Koululaiset were: Pirkko Hellstén (Chairwoman), Lotta Tuohino (vice president), Johanna Korhonen (secretary and publicist), Pirkko Kotila, Reetta Nousiainen, Arto Rautiainen and Riitta Rautiainen.  


Why we founded a school for girls in Agra?


Agran Koululaiset is a Finnish-Indian school project. It got started, when some of our association's founders visited Agra. We got to see local life up close, and we noticed the extreme scarcity and poverty where most Indians live.


Education is a huge advantage, and just a dream to most. Poor living conditions and poverty of families force kids to go to work way too early. We realized, that we can help these poor Indian families by offering their children an opportunity for education. Families could let their kids go to school, if it's free and kids would be fed at school.


We decided to found a girl's school to Agra. For that, we also need your help.


Why you should be a member?


Agran Koululaiset wants you too to be a member. As a member, you get to do very concrete development cooperation; you get to be a part of our association's operation, you get to influence our principles of operation, to give ideas and to get to know Indian culture. As a sponsor you get to follow your sponsor child’s education possibly for a long time.



Our current board of directors:


Pirkko Hellstén, chairman

Marita Rinne, vice chairman

Sonja Sarlin, executive director

Pirkko Kotila, treasurer 

Maija Keinänen, secretary






Association members in Agra, India