​Who we are?

Agran koululaiset (School Children of Agra) is a politically and religiously independent, small Finnish NGO. We support the Dalits, those who in the old caste system were left without a caste. Through education we help them get the same human rights as others already have in India. Daliti word means "the oppressed".


Together with Chaudhary Welfare Society, Agran Koululaiset offers basic studies in the city of Agra. There are altogether 38 girls, 14 in primary school and 24 in secondary school. We can secure their education until the ninth grade. 


Become a Sponsor
Girls need sponsors so that their education and daily meals can be arranged. Our school pays salary to two teachers and a cook. We also take care of the students’ healthcare and provide school uniforms for them.

Get involved

To be able to maintain the new class, we need a lot of new sponsors.


Best way to get involved is through this website. You can donate money for example to girls' healthcare, school supplies and food. A goat or 5 chickens can provide permanent wellbeing to the girls.


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